Remote Technical Assistance

Remote Technical Assistance can be used by ICESA´s Technicians to solve problems that could happen in the Remote Installation Site, well from ICESA´s Offices, as well as from any place with Internet Connection. The advantaje of this Utility is that Client has no need to open any port in Client´s Routers. Also the Client himself makes the Connection Process, reason why Undesired Conectons cannot be archived.

Once the client has contracted remote technical assistance service, ICESA will provide the user and password codes. In order to make the connection, the client will do the following steps:

1- The client connects to

2- The client logs in with the previously assigned user and password, and selects "Remote Technical Assistance" page.

3- Selecting the orange link "Remote Technical Assistance", the aplication for connection is downloaded and started.

4- Once the application has started, the Client will contact to ICESA, in order to select the connection number.

5- Making double click on the specified connection, a link through internet between the client and ICESA´s computers will be established, and ICESA´s technician will be able to verify or solve problems in the installation. From the moment the client starts the connection, ICESA´s technician has to complete the connection in five minutes. If not, the application will close automatically. The application can be also closed manually and in any situation by the client by right clicking the mouse, and selecting "close" in the menu.

6- Once the service has finished, ICESA´s technician will disconnect, and the application will close automatically.


  • Remote Technical Assistance
  • Remote Technical Assistance
  • Remote Technical Assistance
  • Remote Technical Assistance
  • Remote Technical Assistance
  • Remote Technical Assistance

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