ICESA is an experienced supplier of Industrial Instrumentation, dealing with most recognized makers and brands . Our added value consists of providing our Clients with the Instruments or Equipment ready to use (tested, calibrated configured and marked) and with all the necessary technical information, Test Sheets, Data Sheets, Certificates, and Instruction and Maintenance Manuals. Our volume of purchase, not only for immediate delivery to our Clients, but also for stock,  makes possible to provide the best quality at the most competitive prices and delivery terms.

With regard to our projects of automation, the engineering department studies and specifies  the equipment or  instrument most suitable for each type of application.
Our Quality Control  supervises the good progress in all the activities, engineering, storage of materials, control of inputs, tests, marking, packing and delivery. Also site storage, marking, installation and tests are considered.
The final result is to guarantee good operation in the terms required.

When required by our Clients, we perform the maintenance and the scheduled revisions in order to keep the instruments in best condition. Also urgent assistances are performed on demand.

ICESA has a wide experience in field instrumentation for the following applications:

Power plants

  • Conventional power plants
  • Cogeneration plants

Environment related

  • M.S.W. Incineration and gas cleaning
  • M.S.W. Composting
  • Mud dehydration and drying
  • M.S.W. Biometanization
  • Water treatment

Industrial Process in general

  • Chemical
  • Machinery


  • Continuous Analysis of liquids and gases
  • Test facilities for machinery quality control
  • District Heating and Cooling
  • Solar Energy


ICESA has an experienced team of engineers and technicians able to specify and commission most of industrial instrumentation applications.

Commercial department is able to provide quotations both in English and Spanish language, to fit the applications and budgets of each Client. The wide range of services allows the Client to choose from a simple supply of material or technical assistance, to a complete turn key project (including control system, electrical system, installation, star up services, etc.).

ICESA guarantees spare parts and technical assistance for all the provided equipment.

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ICESA is official distributor of Kamstrup, with exclusivity in the area of Catalonia. Kamstrup A/S is a high-tech company founded in 1946, whose headquarters is in Denmark, near the town of Skanderborg. (...)


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ICESA is a company based in Barcelona, and specialized in Control Systems and Industrial Automation for Power Plants and Industrial Process in general (...)

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