District Heating and Cooling

Innovación y Control de la Energía SA (ICESA), has broad experience in project control facilities in District Heating and Cooling, having become one of the reference companies in the sector in Spain. In fact, ICES has been involved in major projects of this kind to date in Spain, as the networks of District H & C Forum of Cultures 2004 in Barcelona and Saragossa Expoagua 2008.His experience in plants and heat networks gained in many projects since its founding in 1990, is now being applied in this type of plants, plus the following activities:

  • Distributor of Certified Kamstrup heat. ICESA, in addition to the supply of such equipment (necessary in any network of District H & C for the billing of energy), offers its customers the configuration, installation and integration into the network to take data from the counters, and is either locally or remotely.
  • SIEMENS company certified as a specialist in control systems (SIEMENS Solution Partner), offering its customers the computerization of primary and secondary circuits of the power substation, and the integration of networks of networks above counters as PROFIBUS, Modbus , Ethernet. In the same way you can perform the integration with control systems or the building industry where it is located.

District Heating and Cooling (H & C) is a power distribution system (hot and cold water) for uses such as air conditioning, hot water, or industrial processes requiring heating / cooling through underground pipes along a space or area, either:

  • Borough
  • Industrial or tertiary.
  • Complex of buildings (airports, industrial complexes, health, etc.).

The facilities of District Heating & Cooling consist of following parts:

  • Central production of energy. In it, is the industrial production of hot and cold water from conventional or renewable energies.
  • Red de distribución. Formed by pipes properly insulated, so that passing underground, interconnecting the central production of energy to the points of consumption.
  • Consumption points. In them, and in the receiving facility named substation heat is conducted through heat exchangers, the passage of energy from the primary circuit of production, the secondary circuit, since it is used for heating, air conditioning, hot water, etc. 
    Each of the power substations, has a control system capable of performing autonomous regulation and a system of counting energy approved for billing.
    All measurement values, counters, and full operation of each substation, are available on a remote central management of the distributor (usually located in the central production).
  • District Heating and Cooling
  • District Heating and Cooling
  • District Heating and Cooling
  • District Heating and Cooling
  • District Heating and Cooling

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