Managemet of Energy Comsumtions in Buildings

ICESA as a company specialized in management, construction and regulation of energy networks and substations (District heating - District cooling) can also provide the implementation of a custom clearance cost of energy and water.

It is entirely logical that the individual / company wants to pay only heating, hot and cold water he has consumed. But to determine these details requires special measurement techniques and a qualified professional.

ICESA has the best products to meet the increasing need for energy management services in office buildings, shopping centers and multi Communities such as homes owned or rented.

Major managed services and not restrictive, we can summarize here: Measures and use of energy (heat and / or cold), gas and electricity (lighting or other consumption).

In the case of joint ownership of property or office buildings, the manager has the technical advice on equipment needed to install and suitable for achieving a timely, flexible and low cost.

ICESA, can offer the following services:

  • Supply and installation of energy meters and equipment to facilitate the calculation of personal consumption per household and its economic value.
  • Making reading and energy management of homes / offices in a clear, rapid and automated without the need for monthly visits from a person manually (saving travel, access management, and time of reading).
  • Maintenance service for substation, which supplies heat to your building, and network of accountants and management teams.
  • Preparation of bills of consumption, based on the contract for the supply of thermal energy between the provider and the community of owners.

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