ICESA has an engineering department, that designs the basic and detail engineering related to instrumentation, control and electricity, alone or in collaboration with main engineering contractor or with the Client. The main fields of application are described in our general information page.
Main engineering activities and documents related to instrumentation are:

  • Specification Sheets
  • Data sheets
  • Data bases ( equipment, instruments, etc.)
  • Mounting drawings and Hook-up's
  • Operating and maintenance manuals.
  • Calculation for flow elements (orifice plates, venturi, pitot,..)
  • Configuration sheets for instruments.
  • Logicdiagrams control loops and mimics
  • Inspection and acceptance test sheets
  • Quality control sheets.
  • Material selection, sizing and other calculations

Main engineering activities and documents related to process automation are:

  • Electrical design of control cabinets, including front and inner view and arrangement, wiring diagrams, list of materials, list of terminal blocks, etc., with the use of ELCAD (electrical design software)
  • List of signals, input / output, interlocks
  • Functional descriptions

Main engineering activities and documents related to electrical system are:

  • Single line diagram
  • Short circuit calculations
  • Electrical equipment and cable sizing
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Lighting system calculation and drawings
  • Earthing system calculation and drawings
  • Legalization project
  • Main engineering activities and documents related to installation are:
  • Drawings for location of instruments and equipment
  • Typicals for supports, cable trays, conduit, etc.
  • Routing of cableways and cables
  • Final quality control and acceptance sheets

Other engineering related activities are:

  • Specifications for "request of tender", tabulation of quotations
  • Specifications for purchase order
  • Quality control files
  • Project organization charts (personnel  and time schedule)
  • Safety files (for works in warehouse and on site)

The most used standards are:


  • Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Engineering

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