Emission Data processing accoring to IT-018 (10-2010)

The emission data monitoring,  processing and management system NeoEMI has been developed by ICESA to meet new technical requirements required by IT - 018, November 2010.

The system has configuration screen to define the variables needed for treatment according to IT018, as the confidence interval 95%, the VLE daily, hourly and VLE VLE not can be overcome.

The system is scalable and allows the definition of a maximum of 8 variables (both contaminants such as oxygen) with all its associated parameters plus 1 general state variable of the plant.

The system has a data display in graphical format, and export of data selection and filtering systems by date.

The system has alarm window and events as well as changing the color of the variables depending on the state of the same (value available and vaid, available and above the VLE, unavailable, etc.) so that can easily detect when values ​​outside of its normal state.

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